Five sentence stories

Month: November, 2018

Papers on the desk

The paperweight was heavy like his heart. The fat stack of A4 legal paper underneath it sat there on his desk for months, next to his pen. When he’d open both windows in his office, corners of it flicked up in the breeze like a magical strongman doing miniature pushups. The papers were building up their strength to smack him down, destroy his life, take everything he had away from him – his house, his children, his future.

How could she do this to him?


After the storm

The wind was rabid. The rain, fat. The clouds, grey. The mood, high. Her lover, gone.

Personal Assistant

“His number is – nine four two seven, six six six six,” she says.

“Reckon he’s done that deliberately?” he says.

“The sixes?” she asks.

“Lots of Christians out here. They’ll think he’s the devil.”


A plane lowers its wheels as it swoops over the stout Stanmorian brickwork.

“Isn’t it amazing?” says an onlooker.

“Isn’t what?” says his partner.

“That giant metal thing is flying,” he says.

She replies, “Flying is just falling with grace.”


There was the culprit. A caterpillar leaving holes in the kale, who’d snuck his way into the kitchen on a stalk.

I put him in a plastic bag with all the other green scraps – and crushed him. His chlorophyll-filled guts coloured the clear plastic.

He’d be in heaven if he weren’t in hell.